You and E-911

The priority is to help get First Responders to your location quickly should there be a need to contact them.

What can a homeowner or business owner do to ensure a timely response by First Responders?

  • Make sure your E-911 address is clearly displayed at the end of your driveway, or visibly displayed on your home or business.

    If you have a mailbox, place your address on it and re-evaluate its condition regularly to ensure the numbering is still reflective and visible.

    If you only have a PO Box and no street mailbox, place a post at the end of your drive with your address on it, or post your number on your home if the building is easily visible from the street.

    It is suggested that reflective 3” sized numbers are the best to use, especially for visibility at night.
  • Evaluate the members of your household.
    Do any of them have age, mobility, hearing/sight/speaking or other special needs?
    If so, please take a moment to register at the links below.
    Conditions like those above may require special care by First Responders in an emergency.
    By having pre-registered, you will help ensure tailored aid is rendered from the start.

    Enhanced 911 Disability Designation (fillable form)
    Citizens Assistance Registry for Emergencies (CARE)