Roxbury Officials Lists

These are the Town of Roxbury representatives and employees. We are grateful for their participation. You need PDF reader software/app to open these documents.

Roxbury VT: Elected Town Officials (updated 03/30/2023)
Roxbury VT: Appointed Town Officials (updated 03/30/2023)
Roxbury VT: Town Employees (updated 11/03/2021)

Jon Guiffre – Chairperson
Rene Bouchard – Vice-Chair
Dave McShane – Road Commissioner

Tammy Legacy, MMC (802) 485-7840 (Town Clerk)
Britney Pombar (802) 485-7840 (Assistant Town Clerk)

What is…? Only in New England

A Tree Warden is a person in charge of shade trees on public town lands. The word “warden” was a common title for natural resource officials in the late 1800s. Being a warden signified a unique legal responsibility: to guard public resources against destructive forces that might include persons, insects, or diseases. Today this includes Emerald Ash Borer reporting and mediating issues with tree preservation for the enhancement of town property, and maintenance thereof.