Annual Town Meeting: Roxbury VT

About the Annual Town Meeting

Vermont is the only state which allows its citizens direct participation in the governing of their town. About 40 towns participate in this process. Town Meeting Day is a State Holiday and occurs annually on the first Tuesday in March.

Citizens of the Town of Roxbury VT meet each year to decide on various items pertaining to the running of the Town, and elects its town officials. Roxbury uses two voting methods: floor vote and Australian Ballot.

Roxbury’s Town Meeting is held in the Town Hall, 1567 Roxbury Road, Roxbury VT. Voting opens at 10am, Tuesday March 5th.

Reports by Town Officers, approval of monies necessary for town maintenance, taxes, and election of Town Officers and Montpelier-Roxbury School District offices are some of the items discussed and voted on. Non-residents cannot participate in Town Meetings.

For more information on Town Meetings in Vermont:
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Warning of Town Meeting

The Warning of Town Meeting for the citizens of Roxbury VT. Posted 02.01.2019.
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