Auditors’ Agenda/Minutes

The Town of Roxbury Auditors are responsible for coordinating the annual audit process and preparing the annual financial report.

The Town of Roxbury auditors post their agendas here when a meeting is required. The auditors generally conduct their work without the need to meet, as their roles are clearly defined. The Town of Roxbury. This website does not have archived Minutes from the Auditors.

2023 Roxbury Auditors’ Meeting Schedule
Meeting date/time may be subject to change. A notice of change will be posted within 24 hours of the meeting.

Roxbury Auditors
Fran French, Chairperson
Matthew Lipschutz, Vice-Chair
Natalie Jackson



Meeting Minutes

2021 Auditors Meeting Minutes
Roxbury Auditors’ Meeting Minutes: 05-19-2021
Roxbury Auditors’ Meeting Minutes: 03-17-2021