Roxbury Park Development Committee

Ed Carney, Chair
Elizabeth Carney
Dotti Guiffre
James Rogler
Craig Sullivan

Meeting of the Roxbury Park Development Committee
The Roxbury Park Development Committee will meet in the Community Hall at 1:00PM on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022. (NOTE: Agenda says Thursday Sept. 30th. Thursday is the 29th.)




DRAFT Minutes of 09-30-2022 Meeting
DRAFT Minutes of 09-01-2022 Meeting
DRAFT Minutes of 07-19-2022 Meeting
DRAFT Minutes of 06-15-2022 Meeting
DRAFT Minutes of 05-12-2022 Meeting
Minutes of 04-21-2022 Meeting
Minutes of 03-23-2022 Meeting


The Roxbury Park Development Committee is continuing its work focusing on:

Tree stump grinding and tilling of soil expected with the next couple of weeks.
Looking to purchase fence and arrange for its delivery.
Path preparations for completion.
Contact will be made with the Roxbury Fire Department to see if use of their tank truck to provide water for plantings, etc. is possible.
Survey results for proper sidewalk work is forthcoming.
Acquisition of grant monies for purchase of benches,
picnic tables, a Ping-Pong table, bike racks, and a gazebo.

The committee has been meeting with a group of Norwich University senior engineering students and their professor, Adam Sevi (a Roxbury native). The students prepared a presentation detailing the development of the park and its associated costs, which they will present as a Capstone project at Norwich University in late April.

The committee welcomes public attendance
to its meetings, held at the Community Center, with dates and times announced on the Roxbury Town Website.
Although the Park is owned by the Town of Roxbury, the
funding of projects for development of the Park relies on
grants and private donations. Donations can be made to the Park Development Fund via the Town of Roxbury.

See you in the Park,
The Roxbury Park Development Committee