Roxbury Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

The Town of Roxbury VT Planning Commission is primarily responsible for drafting the Town Plan. It is a five-member board that usually meets once a month.  Office terms are for three years and appointments are made by the Selectboard at its first meeting following the Town Meeting.


RPC Meeting Minutes: 01-14-2020


RPC DRAFT Minutes: 11-05-2019
RPC DRAFT Minutes: 10-03-2019
RPC DRAFT Minutes: 09-25-2019
RPC DRAFT Minutes: 08-07-2019
RPC DRAFT Minutes: 07-23-2019
RPC DRAFT Minutes: 06-06-2019
RPC DRAFT Minutes: 05-30-2019
RPC DRAFT Minutes: 05-07-2019

RPC Approved Minutes: 04-25-2019
RPC Approved Minutes: 04-04-2019
RPC Approved Minutes: 03-21-2019
RPC Approved Minutes: 02-28-2019
RPC Approved Minutes: 02-07-2019
RPC Approved Minutes: 01-10-2019


RPC Meeting Minutes: 10-04-2018
RPC Meeting Minutes: 09-13-2018
RPC Meeting Minutes: 08-23-2018
RPC Meeting Minutes: 07-31-2018
RPC Meeting Minutes: 07-05-2018
RPC Meeting Minutes: 06-13-2018
RPC Meeting Minutes: 05-23-2018