Board of Listers Agendas/Minutes

The Town of Roxbury Roxbury Board of Listers provide and manage property assessment information and oversee the Town reappraisal process as required.

Mollie DeFont (Chairperson)
William Hansen (Vice-Chair)

The Listers preside over scheduled Grievance Hearings, held as needed to hear appeals from property owners regarding the assessed value of their homes.

The Board of Listers is a three-member, elected board charged with the responsibility of determining the fair-market-value of real property in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes, and are required to “… list the same without discrimination on a proportionate basis of such value for the grand list …” 32 V.S.A. § 3431.

The property values serve as the basis by which upon which the Town of Roxbury Selectboard sets property tax rates.


Agenda: NN-NN-2023

Grievance Notices