Roxbury Board of Listers

The Town of Roxbury Roxbury Board of Listers/Assessors provide and manage property assessment information.


Agenda: xx-xx-2021 Meeting

Grievance Notices

Carmeta French (Chairperson)
Mollie DeFont (Vice-Chair)
William Hansen
Forrest Twombly

The Listers preside over scheduled Grievance Hearings, held as needed to hear appeals from property owners regarding the assessed value of their homes.

The Board of Listers is a three-member, elected board charged with the responsibility of determining the fair-market-value of real property in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes, and are required to “… list the same without discrimination on a proportionate basis of such value for the grand list …” 32 V.S.A. § 3431.

The property values serve as the basis by which upon which the Town of Roxbury Selectboard sets property tax rates.