Roxbury Town Officials

These are the Town of Roxbury representatives and employees. We are grateful for their participation. The files are in PDF format. You need a PDF reader to open these documents.

Roxbury VT: Elected Town Officials (updated 01/19/2021)
Roxbury VT: Appointed Town Officials (updated 01/08/2021)
Roxbury VT: Town Employees

Clare St. John (802) 485-8538 (Chairperson)
Dave McShane (802) 485-4309 (Vice-Chair, Road Commissioner)
Shane Ryan

Tammy Legacy, MMC (802) 485-7840,7860
Britney Pombar (802) 485-7840,7860 (Assistant Town Clerk)

What is…? Only in New England

Fence Viewer is a town or city official who administers fence laws by inspecting new fences and settles disputes arising from trespass by livestock that have escaped enclosure. The office of Fence Viewer is one of the oldest appointments in New England.

Inspector of Lumber and Shingles and Weigher of Coal: At the request of any party interested, an inspector of lumber, shingles and wood shall examine and classify the quality of lumber and shingles, measure lumber, shingles and wood and give certificates thereof.
Vt. Stat. tit. 24 § 1031

Selectboards are authorized to appoint a Weigher of Coal candidate from among legally qualified voters to serve as a referee in determining weights of contested loads of coal. For this service, the Weigher is entitled to a fee of ten cents for the first ton and four cents for each additional ton. A townsperson can request an Inspector of Lumber and Shingles to check the quality of lumber, wood, and shingles and settle disputes pertaining to these.

A Tree Warden is a person in charge of shade trees on public town lands. The word “warden” was a common title for natural resource officials in the late 1800s. Being a warden signified a unique legal responsibility: to guard public resources against destructive forces that might include persons, insects, or diseases. Today this includes Emerald Ash Borer reporting and mediating issues with tree preservation for the enhancement of town property, and maintenance thereof.