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Roxbury Free Library
1491 Roxbury Rd | Roxbury, VT 05669
PO Box 95 |Roxbury VT 05669-0095

VSA Title 22 Chapter 3, 67 (a):
The General Assembly declares it to be the policy of the State of Vermont that free public libraries are essential to the general enlightenment of citizens in a democracy and that every citizen of the State of Vermont should have access to the educational , cultural, recreational, informational, and research benefits of a free public library.

General note to the community – Jan 16th, 2022

We are doing our best to maintain our normal operating hours at the RFL these days. However, the last two weeks have shown that we may not always be able to make that happen. Quarantines, slow test results and other pandemic woes have created some holes in the ability of our 3 staff to always maintain our normal operating hours. We apologize in advance for any other possible future service disruptions. We will post to the RFL website calendar and Facebook page as soon as we know of any upcoming changes to RFL operations ( the options fit your preference, please remember we still offer home and curbside delivery to all patrons – just ask. Otherwise, we’ll look forward to seeing you on:
Tues 10:00 – 6:00
Wed 8:00 – 11:00
Thurs 2:00 – 5:00
Sat 10:00 – 3:00

RFL COVID-19 Response Plan

10:00AM – 6:00PM
(see above)
2:00PM – 5:00PM
10:00AM – 3:00PM

Upcoming Virtual Events


Furniture, games, and toys have been removed from the RFL in an effort to reduce the amount of high touch surfaces and prevent loitering and gathering inside the building.
– Restroom will be available for public use at the beginning of the reopening. If the burden of disinfection after each use (ACCD recommendation for high touch areas) demands too much of staff time the restroom may be limited to staff access only.
– Kitchen area will be restricted to staff access only.
– Open windows, air conditioning, and fans will be utilized as much as possible to promote air circulation within the facility.

Groups & Programs
The Library is holding Zoom Book Chats and socially distanced events. Visit their website for upcoming events.

Access to Library Materials
We continue curbside pickup of RFL materials to all library patrons, and home deliveries to Roxbury residents and patrons who reside in an adjacent town to Roxbury.  To ask for specific titles or ask us to pack up a selection of books, movies, etc., call (802-485-6860) or email ( 

Home Delivery of Library Materials
Contact us to arrange a home delivery of library materials.  For both home delivery and curbside pickups, we will respect your wishes for either hand- delivering the bagged materials, or you retrieving the items yourself from the porch. 

Inter-library Loan
Inter-library loan is still a possibility for acquiring materials we don’t own.  However, we can’t make any predictions on how quickly items will arrive, since libraries all over the country and Canada are not operating under normal work conditions. 

Free lending library
There is a free lending library on the porch of the library (when weather allows) for people to select books without checking them out.  Feel free to pick one up!  

Book returns
We welcome patrons to return books through the book return box if you are healthy and able. 
We have updated our quarantine procedures to isolate materials for 3 days after they are received at the RFL and then check them in and shelve after the 3rd day. See below:

Removed from box on Tues = checked in on Sat. 
Removed from box on Thur = checked in on Tues. 
Removed from box on Sat. = checked in on Thur. 

WIFI – Wifi stays on. Patrons can use our wifi from outside the building 24/7 (no password required). 

Downloadable Materials – If you have already set up an account through the Roxbury Free Library with the Listen Up Vermont (LUV), you can check out ebooks and audio books through  If you haven’t, please contact us and we will help you get set up.  You can also get free ebooks at

Universal Class – More than 500 online classes available for free with your library account.

Vermont Online Library – Fantastic databases on a wide-spectrum of topics.

Learning Express – A powerful online platform to help prep for professional exams, job advancement, and more.