Roxbury Village School

Roxbury Village School (RVS)
1559 Roxbury Road
Roxbury VT 05669
Roxbury School Director: Kristen Getler
Roxbury School Admin. Assistant: Tina Young

Principal: Beth Kellogg
PTO President: Rhett Williams
MRSP Board Representatives
Kristen Getler
Rhett Williams

High Mowing Seed Sale Fundraiser on until Feb. 6th
The Roxbury Village School Caregiver Group are also holding a High Mowing Seed Sale fundraiser right now. Seeds can be ordered through February 6th. If you would like to purchase seeds, reach out to an RVS student, contact the Caregiver group through this email, or stop in at Randy’s and you can place your order!

About the School

The Roxbury Village School serves local children from pre-kindergarten through 6th Grade. Children in the upper grades attend other schools, including Montpelier Public School.

The Roxbury Village School is part of the combined Montpelier-Roxbury School District.  Public school information for residents of Roxbury and Montpelier can be found here: Montpelier Roxbury Schools Website

The School is also a fully-supplied Red Cross Shelter. Tina Young is the coordinator. If you wish to volunteer at the shelter in the event of an emergency, call her at the School. Volunteers would be asked to stay at the shelter.

If you have questions or need more information, contact the Roxbury representatives on the Montpelier-Roxbury School Board. 2022-2023 MRPS School Board Meeting Calendar.

Roxbury Village School PTO
The Roxbury Village School has an active parent-teachers’ group. They assist with all kinds of activities in support of the School. Facebook page (Roxbury Village School PTO) Website:

Roxbury Village School Has an Amazon Wish List!
Following the good example of Northfield PTO…the Roxbury Village School Caregiver Group has created an Amazon Wish List to support the school. Link:

Items can be shipped directly to the school. When you select something from the list, it will remove the item or reduce the number indicated on the list. You don’t have to purchase the items from Amazon, you can mark the item as “buying this gift elsewhere” and have the gift delivered or dropped off at school in care of Roxbury Caregiver Group.