Roxbury Town Garage

112 Town Garage Rd | Roxbury VT 05669
Phone: (802)-485-3287

Roxbury Road Commissioner
David McShane

Town Garage Staff
Loren Bent (Foreman)
Roger Thomas
Andrew Legacy
Clarence Baker (per diem)

Roger Thomas is Retiring!
Our intrepid Town Garage staffer, Roger Thomas, is retiring (sob). Roger’s last day will be May 9th. If you see him around the roads or in town, wish him well. He will be greatly missed on the byways of Roxbury/E. Roxbury.

The staff of the Roxbury Town Garage are responsible for the maintenance of all roads in the towns of Roxbury and East Roxbury. Most of these roads are unpaved and on steep, winding hills, making grading and plowing a challenge.

Two full-time staff and one per-diem staff work tirelessly, and often at all hours, to keep Roxbury’s roads in shape and up to VDOT code. The Town of Roxbury is required to ensure it complies with the Towns Bridges and Roads Standards and it is signed off annually.

2021 Activity
A Highway Structures Grant has been applied for for West Hill Road, where the Road Commissioner wants to install culverts.
A Class 2 Highway Grant has been applied for, to do underdrain and resurface of the gravel portion of Warren Mountain Road.

Equipment Updates
A new 2020 Ford truck has arrived, replacing the 2012 Ford truck. The 1987 Loader has been replaced with a shiny new 2019 John Deere Loader. The new 2021 International truck is happily at work.
This new equipment was much needed, due to the increasing costs of repairs, and lost productivity during crucial periods, when equipment was out for repairs.

Mowing and Grading
Mud season is on the wane, and grading of the roads in ongoing. Staff are busy ensuring that the roads remain in great shape.

Repaving of the paved section of Warren Mountain Road was completed Oct 2nd, 2020. Town Garage staff are working on ditching and berming Warren Mountain Road.

2020 Completed Projects
Our Town Garage staff completed several works in 2020:
Received grants to repair portions of Warren Mountain Road, Cram Hill Road, and Cruikshank Road.

Warren Mountain Road near Webster Road/Slope Project
The project has been awarded to Neil Daniels, Inc. Guardrails are in place on Warren Mountain Road near the railroad tracks and Town Garage Road. Town Garage staff completed all ditching and berming work Most of the project is complete, and will be finished in the May 2021.

The Town received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief Program in 2019. The work was done on Warren Mountain Road. The purpose of the project was to permanently repair and stabilize a slope area near Webster Road.