Roxbury Town Garage

112 Town Garage Rd | Roxbury VT 05669

Roxbury Road Commissioner
David McShane

Town Garage Staff
Loren Bent (Foreman)
Nick Delary
Andrew Legacy
Clarence Baker (per diem)

The staff of the Roxbury Town Garage are responsible for the maintenance of all roads in the towns of Roxbury and East Roxbury. Most of these roads are unpaved and on steep, winding hills, making grading and plowing a challenge.

Three full-time staff and one per-diem staff work tirelessly, and often at all hours, to keep Roxbury’s roads in shape and up to VDOT code. The Town of Roxbury is required to ensure it complies with the Towns Bridges and Roads Standards and it is signed off annually.

November 2022
Snow, glorious snow! We’ve had our first snowfall – 7 inches or more in places around the town. Plows are in good shape and sand is ready for spreading. Drive safely, folks!

October 2022

The Town has received the FEMA BRIC Grant. The Town had applied for two grants last fall. These grants are for two scoping studies: Premo Road Bridge and Sunny Brook Corridor in East Roxbury. The bridges are in substandard shape. Hoyle and Tanner will be the engineering firm. The roads are in good shape for winter and vehicles are ready to go.

September 2022

The Road Commissioner and the Town Clerk’s office are working on the Municipal Grant-in-Aid project on Beaver Meadow Road. The Board needs to hire a hammer for ledge removal.
Our equipment is in good shape, and the road crew is getting ready for winter.

The road crew is working on getting tires and winter equipment. Trucks will be undercoated.