Roxbury Town Garage

112 Town Garage Rd | Roxbury VT 05669

Roxbury Road Commissioner
David McShane

Town Garage Staff
Loren Bent (Foreman)
Elwin Chambers
Andrew Legacy
Clarence Baker (per diem)

The staff of the Roxbury Town Garage are responsible for the maintenance of all roads in the towns of Roxbury and East Roxbury. Most of these roads are unpaved and on steep, winding hills, making grading and plowing a challenge.

Three full-time staff and one per-diem staff work tirelessly, and often at all hours, to keep Roxbury’s roads in shape and up to VDOT code. The Town of Roxbury is required to ensure it complies with the Towns Bridges and Roads Standards and it is signed off annually.

May 2022
All the roads are being graded.

The Town received a $20,000 Better Back Roads Grant which will be used on Winch Hill
Road for stone-line ditching.

The Backhoe went back up to Nortrax. It is not in good shape; to fix it would cost more than the machine is worth. The 2016 International Truck’s warranty has expired. The Town has been trying to replace equipment every seven years. Warranties are now being offered for seven years.

There will be construction on Route 12 in Braintree. The road will be closed and traffic will be diverted to Route 12A. The road will be closed for about twenty-eight days. Dave is trying to find out if the State will increase traffic control during this period on Route 12A.

April 2022 – The Great Road Dry-out Has Begun
The roads are drying out, and grading will be done as weather permits.
The road equipment is in good shape. Backhoe is back from Nortrax.
The Selectboard has approved the Annual Highway Financial Plan. and the certification that we meet current Road and Bridge Standards has been approved.
The Town has applied for a Structures Grant to replace a 6’ diameter culvert on West Hill Road.

March 2022 – It’s All About Mud
Roxbury and East Roxbury have a great many unpaved roads and the recent thaws and rains have made them a challenge to drive on. Social media is full of images of 2-foot deep ruts and stranded vehicles. Be aware of the limitations of your vehicle to avoid getting stuck. The road crews are busy grading and repairing roads. Warren Mountain Road is particularly difficult to traverse right now. If you can avoid going ‘over the Mountain’, please do so.