Burn Permits / Outside Burning


NEVER leave a fire unattended, no matter how small.
HAVE a water source on hand.
BURNING brush, etc. in a light rain makes it easier to control.
VIOLATION of the rules regarding burning may see the burn permit revoked and be refused any future burn permits.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Burning Brush. Do I Need A Permit?

A Burn Permit is required for burning anything outside the home, except for BBQs, of course. If you do not get a Burn Permit, and you need help for the Roxbury Fire Department, you may be liable for the costs incurred in assistance.

I Have a Burn Permit. What Can I Burn?

You can burn vegetation (trees, brush, grass), untreated wood products (without paint, stain, non-pressure-treated wood), weeds, dug up or cut invasives (not poison ivy!). The burning of garbage, tires, rubber, plastic, waste oil, asphalt materials, asbestos, pressure-treated wood, and plywood are all prohibited.
Backyard Burning: Vermont DEC

I Have a Fire Pit. Can I Use It?

No fire pit should ever be left unattended. Fire Pits should be used away from a structure and not be over filled with burn materials. Ensure that all embers are cold before leaving a fire pit (or outdoor fireplace) unattended.

Safety Tips

Clear a buffer around the burn pile to prevent fire spread. Have a water supply on hand.
Attend the fire at all times.
Douse the fire and turn over the ashes several times before leaving the site.
Check the burn area and make sure that the fire is completely out.

How Do I Get a Burn Permit?

Contact the Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department at 485-8341. They are also available at Tim’s Auto in Roxbury VT. The decision to issue a Burn Permit is at the discretion of the Fire Warden.

If you’re considering burning large quantities of materials, you might need a permit from
the Air Quality and Climate Division of the state Department of Environmental Conservation (802-828-1288). A permit may or may not be issued, depending on the individual situation.

Can I Have A Bonfire?

We all love a bonfire. Usage of only natural wood is permitted. Bonfires require a Burn Permit and the same rules about distance and fire safety apply to bonfires as do brush piles.

Can I Burn Household Trash?

The burning of any and all household trash is FORBIDDEN in Vermont. State of Vermont Clean Air Act Statute (Sec. 1.24 V.S.A. 2201)

Where Can I Do Burning on My Property?

Any burn piles or open fires should always be in an open area away from a house or any structure, and away from a road, where it may be a distraction to motorists.
Consider your neighbors when planning an outdoor burn. Outdoor burning should never create a public or private nuisance.