COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Official Resources

Here are links to several websites that folks might find useful for accurate information on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. There are also sheets from the CDC that you can print out for yourself, your groups, your neighbors.

COVID-19 Links and Docs, General
ADDENDUM 6 to Gov. Scott’s Executive Order re COVID-19 (updated 3/24)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
CDC Household Tips
National Institutes of Health COVID-19 Information
Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Updates
HealthVT: COVID-19 – What You Need to Know Now (updated 3/26)
COVID19 Symptoms Sheet
COVID-19: Stop the Spread of Germs Sheet (English)
COVID-19: Stop the Spread of Germs Sheet (Spanish)
Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Resource site
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (VT site)
COVID-19 Data Models (IMHE)

Pharmacy Guidance:
Prescription Refill Announcement(VT)

Social Supports
Dept. of Children & Families – Housing
Dept. of Children & Families – Foster Youth
Guidance for child care providers:

Special education information:

Helpful links for emotional wellbeing:

Business Supports and Resources
VT Employer Assistance Hotline (Unemployment Claims): (802)-214-3331
VT Employee Assistance Hotline (Unemployment Claims): (802)-214-3332
VT Agency of Commerce and Comm. Dev.: COVID-19 – Guidance for VT Businesses
VT Agency of Commerce and Comm. Dev.: Stay Home/Stay Safe FAQs for Businesses
VT Agency of Commerce and Comm. Dev.: NAICS Code Guidance for VT Businesses  (Not sure if you are an essential business? Check this listing. There is a column which tells you Yes or No next to each sector/subsector.
HealthVT: COVID-19 Resources for Health Professionals (updated 3/26)

Travel Notices/Restrictions
Gov. Scott’s Travel Order for Out-of-Staters

Other Resources
How to Make a Face Mask (PDF)
2006 CDC Article on Homemade Masks and criteria.

Face Masks – notes from Gifford (FPF 3/24/2020)
Per the CDC, fabric masks are an option when other supplies have been exhausted.
Sizes: Adult – 9″ x 6″, Child – 7.5″ x 5″

: The front should be tightly woven 100 percent cotton fabric, unused, with no metallic. The back should be tightly woven 100 percent cotton, or cotton flannel. Use 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, or 1/8 inch flat elastic. If elastic is not available, one can use fabric ties. Ties should each be 17 inches in length and attach at each of the four corners of the mask.
Masks may be delivered to either our Main Entrance at Gifford or our nearest outpatient clinic location, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.
If you have questions, please call Bethany at: (802)728-2377, or email

We appreciate your skills and willingness to help in this way. From all of us at Gifford, thank you!


from ERIC DAVIS, All Clean Waste Services/NORTHFIELD
Considering the recent events, I wanted to give everyone an update on how this whole thing will affect us at All Clean and how we plan handle the needs of the community throughout this crisis.
Solid waste collection is considered an essential service under the governor’s executive order and we will remain open for as long as we are able, but for safety purposes, we will be implementing the following changes effective immediately:

1. The Northfield Transfer Station at 69 Dog River Drive will remain open for normal business hours on Wednesday and Saturday from 8 to 3 however, we will be closing our satellite drop at the parking lot of Kenyon’s Hardware for the duration of the shutdown at minimum. We will post a notice there in our usual spot, directing everyone to the transfer station who does not see this message.

2. The Transfer Station will be open an additional hour in the morning on both days from 7 to 8 am for seniors and high-risk people. We will not turn anyone away during this time but please be respectful of these folks’ needs for physical separation. Let’s be kind and help each other during this difficult time.

3. Customers will be asked to remain in their vehicles at the Transfer Station while we handle the materials. Due to the congestion we will likely experience from closing one drop, we ask that everyone please be respectful of this rule for the safety of not only ourselves, but of the other customers as well. Please be patient and wait your turn, we will do our best to keep it flowing smoothly.

4. We ask that for the duration of this crisis, any large loads of materials, like demolition and construction debris be brought to C.V. Transfer (Cassella) on route 2 in East Montpelier as their facility offers more efficiency and allows for more physical separation while unloading. We will continue to accept household trash and recycling, as well as scrap metal, appliances, tires, miscellaneous small items, etc. as usual. Again, we will not turn anyone away, but please try to consider the safety of everyone else when preparing your materials. We also have dumpsters available on request.

5. Customers receiving curbside collection services will be asked to prepare their materials and place their cans out by the road the evening prior to their scheduled pick up. This measure helps ensure the safety of our workers.

6. Please make sure all recyclables are clean and free of trash. Please rinse clean and dry, any glass or plastic food contains and be sure to discard any wet/soiled paper products in the trash. Please DO NOT under any circumstances put medical waste products in the recycling. This includes tissues, paper towels, sanitary wipes, masks, gloves and other articles of clothing (you are supposed to be doing this anyway but it’s extra important now.) Finally, please make sure your trash is bagged and tied. You wouldn’t believe how these few small steps can help us keep things cleaner and possibly even save lives.
As always, I’m happy to answer any questions and in the meantime, All Clean remains committed to serving the solid waste needs of the community. Thanks for your support.
Eric Davis
Owner, All Clean Waste Services LLC
802-485-4210 Posted on FPF Northfield-Roxbury 3/26/2020

Regional Response Command Centers Opened in Washington/North Orange Counties

A summary overview of the Regional Response Command Center.
The current organizational chart . Please note that the Command Center is a modular system, and this organizational chart is likely to change.
Please direct all inquiries to the appropriate contact below:
Volunteer related inquires: Allison Levin, Volunteer Coordinator,
Personal or organizational assistance inquiries: A WNOC-RRCC call center is now open.
Partnership inquires (organizations, municipalities, and planning entities only): Jaclyn Holden, Deputy Liaison Officer,
Media and communication inquiries: Mike Rama, Public Information and Liaison Officer,

Weekly 30-minute WNOC-RRCC Update Calls Every Friday
Starting this Friday 4/3, at 11:30 AM, I will be holding a public conference call to give a situational update on what WNOC-RRCC has been up to in the past week, what needs we see developing in the coming week(s), and share relevant local and state information.
These events are open and free to the public. Please share it publicly.
To participate, please use the following event details:
To join by computer, click here:
To join by phone, dial (929) 205-6099, and press 808413146#
To submit questions before or during the call, please email me at or submit questions live in the Zoom chatbox. I will do my best to address to your inquiry.

Announcement from Northfield Pharmacy

The Northfield Pharmacy will be changing store operations in an effort to protect both our customers and our staff.  The following new procedures will go into effect on Monday March 23:

  • Regular store hours will be maintained.
  •  A secure cell phone number has been set up so customers can text the store in non-emergency situations. Text messages will be checked often. Text to 802 348-2695.
  • Credit card is now our preferred form of payment
  • The Pharmacy will be closed to foot traffic. Our register operations will move close to the front door and only 1 customer will be allowed in the store at any time.
  • Curbside delivery is required for those with a fever, cough or those on self-quarantine. Vulnerable customers including the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or lung disease should do curbside delivery.
  • Maintain a safe 6-foot distance from fellow customers if waiting on the sidewalk.
  • Prescription order requests can be placed as usual using both our automated phone system and our website
  • In order to limit your time in the pharmacy we ask that you text the store at (802) 348-2695 with any non-urgent communications. This is a secure line that can be used to confirm that your prescriptions are ready, ask whether we have a certain item in stock or request lists of items that you would like for us to gather and have ready for pickup.
  • Phone the pharmacy if needed at (802) 485-4771. We can take your credit card information over the phone to process future curbside delivery. Then call us again once you are outside the store so we can run your order out to you.

We ask that you be patient with us as we all adapt to the new procedures. We also tend to have more staff available in the 12-3 timeframe.

The store is currently out of the following: toilet paper, gloves, thermometers, vitamin C, Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, Aloe vera, rubbing alcohol.

Tops Market Update

Tops Markets in Northfield has designated special hours — Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:00AM to 7:30AM — for shoppers over the age of 60 or those with underlying health issues.

Shoppers in those categories who are unable or reluctant to shop themselves can phone in their orders (485-8878) at least 24 hours in advance.
Staff will fill orders on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. When the orders are ready customers will be notified, and they can then drive to the store and call to let someone know they’re in the parking lot.
An employee will meet the customer at their car to collect payment, will go back inside to pay and will then carry the order to the car.

The Tops Markets corporation offers a similar online option. To access this service go to and click on “Pickup and Delivery Powered by Instacart” at the top of the page. Instacart users will be asked to set up an account and some fees apply.

Announcement for Volunteers/Community Helpers


While Vermonters are staying home as much as possible to slow the spread of COVID-19, some are stepping up to ensure their neighbors have what they need.

This type of community support is crucial, but we need to make sure our helpers and volunteers are still using social distancing practices to protect our most vulnerable Vermonters.

The Vermont Department of Health recommends any volunteers bringing items to those who need to stay home:
• Keep a distance of six feet away.
• Avoid entering the recipient’s home.
• Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face and cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
• If you feel sick or learn that you have had contact with someone who is sick, stop doing community support work immediately.
• Keep a list of anyone you come into close contact with in case contact tracing is required.
• Wear clean gloves when handling items that may be given to people with a weaker immune system, and when you are close to someone who may be sick.
Common sense practices can go a long way while Vermonters take care of each other!

Utility Disconnect Ban; Healthcare Applications


The Public Utilities Commission has ordered a temporary moratorium on involuntary natural gas, electric, and telecommunications service disconnections effective immediately through April 30th.

Montpelier, VT – Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos announced measures taken by the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) to address healthcare workforce shortages during the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, and to provide emergency guidance to pharmacies.
To address a potential shortage of healthcare workers in Vermont, following the Governor’s issuance of a declared State of Emergency, OPR is issuing temporary licenses to healthcare workers and pharmacies.

Applicant information: