Information and content for the Town of Roxbury ARPA Committee are posted here. Agendas and Minutes page is accessible by the link below.

Link to ARPA Committee Agendas and Minutes

Take the Survey
Below is the first of two (2) surveys regarding ARPA Funds distribution for the Town of Roxbury. The purpose of the survey is to have residents rank our scoring criteria and submit any additional project(s) or idea(s) not already on our ARPA Ideas List.
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This survey will collect responses through the end-of-day Friday, Sept. 30, 2022.

Roxbury ARPA Public Input Committee
The Selectboard authorized the creation of the volunteer staffed American Rescue Plan Act
(ARPA) Public Input Committee (ARPA Committee) on Monday July 25th, 2022.

René Bouchard, Chair
Sean Cummings, Secretary
Elizabeth Carney
Brock Freyer
Don Randall

Purpose of the ARPA Committee:
The purpose of the ARPA Committee shall be to assist the Town of Roxbury’s Selectboard in
determining appropriate uses for the $211,938.56 ARPA award. The ARPA Committee shall
make a prioritized list of recommendations to the Selectboard for spending. Final decision on spending will be made by the Selectboard.

ARPA Committee Guidelines (PDF).
ARPA Ideas List as of 09-11-2022
ARPA Project Funding Request Form (8/31)
CV Fiber Summary (8/31)
VT League of Cities and Towns ARPA Page
NEU Amount: $74,223.62
County Amount: $137,714.94
TOTAL ARPA-LRF Funds Allocated to Roxbury: $211,938.56

Public Input:
Public participation and involvement in the Committee’s work is a high priority. The
Committee will support the Selectboard in soliciting ideas, working with idea project owners and
receiving feedback from the voters and taxpayers of Roxbury pertaining to ARPA awards and
uses of the funding.

Two public informational meetings will be held on Sept. 1, 2022 and Sept. 17, 2022.
We plan to have a to-be-determined project submission period for Roxbury taxpayers & voters.
We will work closely with project owners as needed.
After developing a list of projects and before putting forward recommendations to the
Selectboard, we will again seek Roxbury taxpayer and voter input in ranking the selected

CV Fiber Municipal Grant
One project that is under a tight timeline constriction outside of the process defined above, is a
decision on the outstanding CV Fiber matching grant. Announced in March 2022, the matching
program is set to expire on Sept. 15, 2022. The Committee needs to make a recommendation to the
Selectboard on this as soon as possible after a public meeting.