Roxbury Cemetery Commission Events

Recent News….

In July, the Roxbury Cemetery Commission co-hosted, with West Brookfield Trust, a well-attended history tour of the First Settler East Cemetery in East Roxbury. Part of this event was a headstone-cleaning demonstration, with attendees trying out their new skills.

In August, a two-day stone resetting/straightening/repair project was completed by Green Valley Memorials at First Settler East Cemetery. This cemetery is now ready for stone cleaning.

We recently installed our first replacement headstone on the grave of George Wales (1842-1847), in East Roxbury Cemetery.  A stone-cleaning project was completed in July.

Maintenance of Town of Roxbury Cemetery
The Town of Roxbury has assumed oversight of the Roxbury Cemetery on Rte 12A., The Roxbury Cemetery Commission will maintain the Cemetery in partnership with the Town.

Last of 3 Work Days Planned… Volunteers Needed

The Cemetery Commission has planned 1 more work day, on Saturday, September 28th,  from 9AM – 12NOON. Bring your friends and relatives. The more the better.

Saturday, Sept 28th- First Settler East Cemetery
Volunteers needed for another stone cleaning project. No tools needed; we will have the necessary equipment and provide guidance. Located on Steele Hill Road, East Roxbury. Map.

To volunteer, email the Commission at (jcashman[at] If weather is an issue, an email will be sent out early on the work day or the evening before. You can also call Jack or Wendy at 485-8915 with any questions, or for directions to locations.