Roxbury Parks

Third Branch Park

The town of Roxbury VT has one public park. The Park is located along VT Route 12A at the base of Carrie Howe Road. Here, people can sit and eat a meal, walk along the river, and relax on their way to points North and South. A great place to exercise your dogs, rehydrate on that long bicycle trek, or just catch some rays.

Roxbury Park

The Roxbury Park is owned by the Town of Roxbury, and is being developed under the auspices of the Roxbury Parks Development Committee.

Many in the community have donated their time and energy working on the planting and mulching of smaller plants and shrubs. Pincus Flower Farm has donated shrubs.

Roxbury Park Project Update –
a. All plantings completed.
b. Gazebo has been built.
c. Landscaping would be complete.

Many merchants have offered discounted prices and free items.

The property is a former vacant lot located across from the Roxbury Village School on Rte 12A.

People will be able to sit in the gazebo, play chess on a large chessboard, enjoy a snack , take a cycling tour stop, or wait for their children to leave school, all under the shade of the exceptionally large tree on the site. ADA-compliant walkways are planned throughout the park.