Roxbury Parks

RDF Park Development Committee Meetings

Meetings of the Roxbury Donor’s Fund Park Development Committee
The Roxbury Donor’s Fund Park Development Committee meets remotely.
Agenda: 0X-XX-2021 Meeting at 4PM.
Call-in #: 1-425-436-6352 | Meeting Access Code: 1754175

Roxbury Donor Fund

We did it! Thanks to the generous support of our Town citizens, summer residents and interested persons, we met and exceeded our goal of $15,000! The Town will purchase the purchase the Tintle property and the transfer tax fees will be waived.
The Committee has applied for an AARP Grant to develop the park. All expenditures will need Selectboard approval. The Selectboard Minutes of the April 5th meeting has further details on the project status.

We’re In the Northfield News!
March 18th – Vol. CXLII, #11

Northfield News article on the development of the Roxbury Park in Roxbury, VT.

Roxbury Conservation Park

The town of Roxbury VT has one public park. The Park is located along VT Route 12A at the base of Carrie Howe Road. Here, people can sit and eat a meal, walk along the river, and relax on their way to points North and South. A great place to exercise your dogs, rehydrate on that long bicycle trek, or just catch some rays.

Roxbury Park

The Roxbury Selectboard has agreed to accept the donation of land for the development of a park in the village center of Roxbury. The property will be purchased from the owner and donated to the Town.

The property is a vacant lot located across from the Roxbury Village School. People will be able to sit, chat, play board games, enjoy a snack , take a cycling tour stop, or wait for their children to leave school, all under the shade of the exceptionally large tree on the site.

The Roxbury Donor Fund has been established to raise the funds needed to purchase the land from the current landowner. Once the sale is completed, the Roxbury Park will be owned by the Town of Roxbury for the enjoyment of all.