Town Reappraisal 2021

The Board of Listers is a three-member, elected board charged with the responsibility of determining the fair-market-value of real property in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes, and are required to “… list the same without discrimination on a proportionate basis of such value for the grand list …” 32 V.S.A. § 3431.

The property values serve as the basis by which upon which the Town of Roxbury Selectboard sets property tax rates.

The Town of Roxbury has begun a town-wide reappraisal slated to take effect for the tax year 2022.

Reappraisal Notice Sent Out

The Roxbury Board of Listers have sent out a Notice of Reappraisal to all property owners in Roxbury/E. Roxbury. The initial property listing commenced in June 2021. Roxbury/E. Roxbury property owners who wish to be present when the appraisers come to the property for their exterior/interior inspection, or to schedule an appointment for them to come onsite should call the town clerk’s office or email

Town of Roxbury
Appraisals 2021

The Town of Roxbury has begun a town-wide reappraisal slated to take effect for the 2022 tax year. The Town has contracted New England Municipal Consultants (NEMC) to complete all associated reappraisal tasks and duties. NEMC will be working closely with the Board of Listers and the Town Clerk’s Office to ensure timely completion.

Notice of Reappraisal

Over the next year, residents of Roxbury should expect to receive a reappraisal informational letter. The letter will outline reappraisal specifics and help to clarify the process for property owners. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the town office at (802) 485-7840 or

We will do our best to accommodate any specific requests.

NEMC will be attempting to collect building information and land data specific to all parcels in Roxbury. NEMC uses qualified data collectors to record physical and unique property characteristics. The goal of any reappraisal is to create fairness in assessment across an entire community. Strong data collection is the foundation of fair assessments and community equity. We ask for cooperation from all residents as data collection will commence in the summer months of 2021. The reappraisal process will be completed for the 2022 Grand List.

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