Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department

In an emergency IMMEDIATELY call

Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department
1726 Roxbury Road
Roxbury, VT 05669
Non-Emergency Ph: 802-485-6555

Timothy Martin, Sr., Fire Chief/Fire Warden
Mike Dickinson, Assistant Fire Chief
Don Randall, Secretary / 2nd Assistant Fire Chief
Clarence Baker, Fire Fighter
Leonard Davis, Fire Fighter
Walter French, Fire Fighter
Brian Hedding, Fire Fighter
Danny Hedding, Fire Fighter
Jason Maxham, Fire Fighter

The Fire Department is always looking for volunteers. To find out more, call Tim Martin: 802-485-6555.

Plan in Advance!
Bonfires and large burn-piles require a Burn Permit beforehand
Contact Tim Martin (802-485-6555) or Don Randall (802-485-8341).
Permits are also available from Tim during office hours at
Tim Martin’s Auto, 1784 Roxbury Road, Roxbury VT.

Roxbury (VT) Volunteer Fire Department