Roxbury State Forest

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Roxbury State Forest, Roxbury VT

Roxbury State Forest comprises 3 blocks of land:
Rice Block
Vogt Block
Cram Hill Block

The Rice and Vogt Blocks are on the eastern slope of the Northfield Range and include Rice Mountain, with an elevation of 3,060 ft. It is primarily a hardwood forest with significant slopes and many headwater streams that flow southeast to the Connecticut River.

The Cram Hill Block is on the other side of the Roxbury Valley and sits atop Cram Hill and surrounding rolling hills.

Roxbury State Forest, like other state forests in Vermont, is managed for multiple uses, including timber management, recreation, and wildlife habitat protection.

Hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and snowshoeing are just some of the activities possible in our State Forest.

Roxbury (VT) State Forest (VT Dept. of Parks & Recreation)
Roxbury State Forest Map