Dorman Farm

Dorman Farm
68 Warren Mountain Road | Roxbury VT 05669
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Order/pick up your pasture-raised chicken today!
Our first batch will be available fresh starting Mid-May

Pasture-raised (supplemented with non-organic feed): $5.00 per pound
Pasture-raised (supplemented with organic feed): $5.50 per pound

We process and package all our birds onsite, with no added chemicals.

Owned by Christine and Bill Dorman and their two children, this small farm in Roxbury VT is all about providing quality, sustainable food to the local community, at a reasonable price.

Their Cornish Cross chickens are pasture-raised in the lovely large fields beside their house. The chickens are free to wander; their mobile pens are moved several times a day.

Although they supplement them with organic and conventional feeds, Christine Dorman says they rarely need it, as the fields provide enough grubs, slugs, a variety of grasses and other things for the chickens to feast on.

The Dormans process and package their chickens onsite, without chemicals. (Some larger suppliers raise their chickens organically, but use chemicals in the processing).

For those wishing to cook European rabbit dishes such as rabbit stew, rabbit cacciatore, and braised rabbit, Dorman Farm raises rabbits and processes them onsite.

Their goal is to provide their quality chickens and rabbits to local restaurants and markets.

As always, they remind cooks: don’t rinse your raw chicken. Cook it to at least 160 degrees, as measured using a meat/poultry thermometer.

Open 7 days: look for the blue door and the porch.
They accept cash, credit cards, and local bank checks.

Pick up a fresh, quality chicken today. You’ll taste the difference.

Local food. Local grown. Affordable.

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