Frazier’s Greenhouse

Owners: Tom & Andrée Frazier & dog, Gigi

35 Tracey Hill Road | Roxbury VT 05669
(across from Warren Mountain Rd)
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Phone: (802) 485-8649

Roxbury, VT is in USDA Hardiness Zone 4b/AHS Heat Zone 1-2. Microclimates within your property may accommodate USDA Zone 5 plants.
Interactive USDA Hardiness Zone Map
New USDA Hardiness Zone Map (PDF version).
USDA Hardiness Zone for Vermont (PDF).
AHS Heat Zone Map (PDF).

Opening April 29

We’ve been busy planting and it’s time to share the fruits of our labors! We open for the season on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Hours are 9-5 daily.

The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, those veggie starts and gorgeous annuals for your containers, or a nice hanging basket! Stop by our garden center.

Owned by Tom and Andrée Frazier, this 6000 sq. ft. garden center grows a wide assortment of annuals, perennials, and exotics from around the world. From a hay field to several greenhouses and planting beds, we have striven for excellence in plant selection for almost 40 years.

Grown from patented cuttings, bareroot, and from seed, Frazier’s Greenhouse offers a large annual selection, and perennials for our northern gardens. We offer peonies, Proven Winners Colorchoice© flowering shrubs, David Austin Zone 4 roses, American Arborvitae (new for 2022) and tropicals for containers. We also offer a wide array of beautiful hanging baskets, and veggie starts.

Stop by and visit! Meet Gigi, our canine mascot, and grab a cart. Andrée is always available to answer your questions and help make your gardens the best they can be.


Great selection great place to find your treasures. Gigi will greet you with a warm welcome My favorite place to go for all my plants 🪴❤️❤️
DP, Central VT

ABSOLUTELY worth the drive or ride!!! 😍❤🤩
PT, Central VT

“Rush right over! They have a beautiful selection, So happy with all the plants I just bought. GG will meet you and say hello.🥰🥰”
DP, Warren VT

It sure is worth the drive. Amazingly beautiful flowers!
MP, Danville, VT

58 days until Spring! I am looking forward to your opening and purchasing more amazing flowers. My husband is waiting to bring home another hanging black petunia.”
TJ, Northfield VT

“Mum and I have been visiting Andrée and Tom for years. They have a wonderful plant selection. Our pollinator gardens are lovely and packed with blooms thanks to their goodies! We love visiting this wonderful Greenhouse, which is so close to home!”.
AG, Roxbury VT

Andrée and Tom are so welcoming and knowledgeable! We are addicted to this lovely Greenhouse. SO many plants to choose from and their containers and hanging baskets are gorgeous!
BL, Braintree VT

“Tom provided a source of hot water and soap especially for washing hands upon arrival. Soap is dispensed in a “touchless manner. Customers are also asked to wear masks, and to keep a social distance. Bottles of hand sanitizer are distributed about for extra protection.  … if you like to get your hands in the soil every spring…you can feel really safe when buying you plants and flowers at Tom and Andree Frazier’s Greenhouses.”
NV, Warren VT