Windridge Camp at Teela Wooket

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Windridge Tennis & Sports Camps
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Teela Wooket camp, located in Roxbury VT, was founded in 1913 by Claude and Florence Roys. The camp was an exclusive girls’ camp, and the daughters of many prominent people from all over the country attended.  The campers walked into town each weekend to attend church services and get their 25 cents’ worth of candy from the Roxbury Country Store.

In 1989, the camp was sold and became Windridge at Teela Wooket. Today the camp is co-ed, and conducts tennis, soccer, and horseback-riding camps throughout the summer. The 250-acre camp property is large and beautifully maintained. Counselors and campers come from all over the country and the world to attend the 10-20 day sleepaway camp sessions. Winter camps are held in Stowe, VT.

Windridge at Teela Wooket facilities are also available for rental; weddings, conferences, sports events, and family reunions are just some of the events held there.