About Roxbury E-911

The Vermont statewide Enhanced 911 (E-911) system is designed to display location, caller identity, and First Responder information onto the screens of emergency call-takers. The 911 system is used throughout the United States as the ‘Universal Emergency Number’.

In an emergency, the ability for First Responders to find you is critical. First Responders are Ambulance, Fire, and Police. Towns are responsible for providing updates to help keep the E-911 system maps current and accurate.

The Roxbury E-911 Coordinator is appointed by the Selectboard. The E-911 Coordinator deals with the
E-911 administration of Roxbury’s First Responder maps.
These duties include:

  • performing field measurements in the determination of a new address when one is requested by a homeowner or business;
  • fixing addresses as circumstances dictate;
  • working with homeowners & the Selectboard on private road creation once three or more sites are accessed off one path, tract or driveway;
  • the removal from E-911 maps of those previously addressed structures that have since been demolished or removed.

These tasks are performed to ensure First Responders can reach homes and businesses without delay.